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Darlene R. Miles, Author, is also a Christian, Consumer Advocate, Speaker and Technology Consultant who has 20 plus years of experience and expertise in the development and implementation of consumer automated systems, and consumer privacy laws. The author is also a STRONG BELIEVER in HUMAN RIGHTS, CIVIL RIGHTS, CIVIL LIBERTIES and CONSUMER PRIVACY, she believes that is why there are laws to protect people and those laws should be adhered to. This is why the author has written such a riveting, 'first of its kind' 'definitive' reference guide of consumer information on consumer information protection and systematic strategies that will save consumers thousands.


As an advocate for the 'rights' and privacy for all, Darlene's book has provided her with a forum to educate consumers about the dangers of consumer information theft resulting from unauthorized invasions into your personal, medical, and financial information. As a speaker, the author frequently speaks with professional groups, civic organizations, churches, high schools and at colleges on principles of financial literacy, consumer privacy issues and consumer information protection strategies.


As a Technology Consultant, Darlene has been engaged by clients to implement technology process improvement in the areas of consumer systems development and automation while adhering to government compliance and consumer privacy laws. In the 20 plus years as an Technology Consultant, she has worked on the development of a many corporate and small business consumer automated systems. Systems such as banking, (EMR)electronic patient medical records systems, health insurance billing systems, insurance (property/casualty - life/health), consumer background information systems automation and acquisition of consumer background and credit data, mortgage financing automation, court and legal systems automation, corporate telephony and computer security systems, and a host of non-consumer related systems such as manufacturing and accounting, among others.


As a former Director of Operations of a Consumer Information Reporting Agency (background information supplier) the author began to experience the true levels of consumer information invasions. Invasions that brought her knowledge and understanding 'full circle' as she experienced the levels of 'invasive' behaviors and practices by corporations in their pursuit to gain the greatest levels of consumer information (accurate or inaccurate), and the handling of consumer credit, medical informaton and background information. Invasive behaviors and the use of consumer information at dangerous levels are putting the 'mere fabric' of our society's financial future at risk. In the authors new book she has combined her years of knowledge and expertise on consumer systems in this most riveting, 'first-of-its-kind' definitive reference guide for consumers.


In the author's new book, 'An Invasion of (corporate) Locust', readers will immediately identify the 'hidden' factors that are blocking their personal and financial success.


The book, "An Invasion of (corporate) Locust' will make a positive impact into the lives of consumers for generations to come!